Official response of condemnation from Pastor Don regarding the recent horrific acts of sin and evil:

Disgusted. Sickened. Angry. Outraged. Mourning. Lamenting. Righteously indignant.  These are the flood of emotions I am still feeling after watching the barbaric slaughter of George Floyd by the very people who were to uphold and protect the lives and dignity of all citizens in their community.

In the past, I have failed you as your pastor for not being more vocal regarding racism.  I addressed it behind the pulpit, but that isn’t enough.  As I weep and plead to God for forgiveness, I ask my church family to forgive me.  I am silent no more.  To my brown and black brothers, I confess that I will never experience discrimination the way you have or unfortunately will in the future. Please let it be known that as your pastor, I empathize with you.  As your pastor, I stand next to you to fight the evil of racism to the best of my ability with God and the Holy Spirit as my helper.  If ever wrongly accused of something purely because of the color of your skin, as your pastor, I will fight for and with you to the bitter end.  When I watched the horrific videos of this barbaric act of violence, I could not help but to think that could be my brown or black brother suffering the same demise.  The very realization of that possibility shook me to the very core of my own humanity.  I wept.

As a former police officer who wore the badge and swore to serve and protect my community, I am embarrassed. I’m also embarrassed for the police community.  This is not the police.  I weep knowing that the 1% poisoned the reputation of 99%.  Police brutality must be eradicated.  I stand next to my brothers and sisters in blue who condemn this horrific act by those who should never been given the privilege of wearing the badge, and I pray for God to keep you safe during these tumultuous times as you keep us safe.

Sin and evil reared its ugly head.  Racism is sin. Racism is pure evil.  God hates sin.  God hates evil. Therefore, God hates racism.   As your pastor, I will not tolerate any form of discrimination at Lighthouse.  For anyone who attends Lighthouse who discriminates in any way, as the shepherd watching the flock, I give you two options:  Change your heart or find another church.  Racism will not be tolerated at Lighthouse while under my watch.   God teaches us in scripture that the only way to defeat evil and sin is through love.  During these trying times, let us all stand together in unity and defeat all forms evil and sin through love.  Peace…

for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,” Romans 3:23

“Love must be sincere. Hate what is evil; cling to what is good. Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves.”   Romans 12:9-10