Good Morning Lighthouse Sisters!  This morning Janice Rodriguez shares a powerful example with us!

“A Hand of Support” – Janice Rodriguez

Recently, my mom who is 84 years old mentioned that she wanted to go to the beach. She loves the beach but it has been such a long time since she had been there. I decided to arrange a trip to Wildwood Beach in New Jersey. My mom has been having some problems with her balance. Everywhere I took her, I placed my hand very securely in hers and had her lean into me just in case she lost her balance or just to lean on me for more support. She was so grateful. We were able to go to a motel, to the beach, out to eat, and even to the boardwalk for a little while because she had this support.

I found myself thinking about our trip afterwards. I began pondering about how often we as Christians need to lean on our Heavenly Father and His Righteous right hand. It says in Isaiah 41:10b,
“I will strengthen you, surely I will help you. Surely I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”

Wow, leaning on the God of all creation! What a thought!

As we lean on and cling to our Father God we demonstrate our dependence upon Him. Our faith in Him and our confidence in Him grows stronger. We realize that His hand is strong and righteous and there is no limit of how much support it can provide us.
Obviously, there is no comparison to the support that I can give to my mom because it is based upon my limited strength but praise be to God our Father who has unlimited strength and His strength is always available to His children.

Father, we thank You for “Your Hand of Support.”