What is the Make it Stick page?

Chances are if you are on this page, you’ve got kids, and if you’ve got kids you know that lessons they learn do not always stick with them. But we want what they learn here in kids’ church to stay with them. The Make It Stick page provides talking points for you and your child throughout the week. Maybe you take them for a car ride to get out of the house. Ask them about what they learned when you tuck them into bed or are sitting at the dinner table. The Make It Stick page gives you ideas. We want this time to be engaging for your child, and we want them to remember the lessons they learn here in kids’ church. We love you guys, miss you guys, and we are praying for your family. Remember: MAKE IT STICK, because what sticks counts!

All of these videos were filmed during the height of the coronavirus pandemic as we moved kids’ church to an online platform.

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