Grace Steffy 

Worship Pastor

Grace has been active in ministry with her family since 2013. Her desire is for people to feel the presence of God through music. She is excited to be doing ministry here at Lighthouse. Grace is a credentialed minister in the Church of God, and she is majoring in Biblical and Theological studies through Lee University Online.


The worship team is a group of musicians who enjoy leading people to Christ through music. They strive to incorporate all styles of music to fit the congregation, and believe that it is about the content that a song holds rather than the style it is in. Worship is an emotional, powerful, and intimate experience that everyone is encouraged to participate in. If you would like to find out what joining the worship team entails, see Grace for information.

Lighthouse Top Worship Picks:

Here are some of our church’s favorite songs to listen to! We ask on social media and update these playlists every 6 months. Check them out and sing along!

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